Why We Exist

These are challenging times for those of us seeking to build or protect our wealth:

  • Global pandemics
  • Rising geo-political tensions
  • Threats from artificial intelligence and robotics
  • The devaluing of currencies through money printing
  • Climate change
  • Growing anti-capitalist feeling

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the threats and overloaded by the noise from 24/7 news channels and social media.

It’s also clear that no mainstream political party in the developed economies has the likes of you and I at the top of the list of voters it cares about the most. If they think of us at all, it’s for how much tax they can squeeze out of us.

So who can you turn to?

Welcome to The Beaufort Society, a private members club for sophisticated and high net worth investors around the world. The society is new, created of its time and for its time.

The people within the society are far from new – the four principals alone account for more than a century of investment experience. Behind them is a network of specialists with either a geographic focus or a professional expertise that can be brought to bear on your own unique circumstances.

We are not financial advisers. We are educators and enablers.

If you’re tired of advisers who don’t add value or robo platforms that treat you like a piece of data maybe it’s time to take a new approach for the 2020s.