Rebel Investment

Join the Green Energy Revolution
with this new clean energy provider

What is it?

A new player in the green and renewable energy space with both an environmental mission to focus on clean and renewable energy and a social mission to address fuel poverty. Launching in February 2021, they have a strong management team and will make unique use of robotics in their back office processes. Following in the footsteps of unicorns like Octopus, this is a chance to become a shareholder at a very low valuation and enjoy tax free growth through the EIS scheme. The minimum investment is £25,000.

Who is the investment partner?

Rebel Energy is run by people with senior level experience in both established players and challengers. With a clearly defined mission and through developing their own intellectual property with their robotics partner they can be in the lower quartile on price comparison sites yet maintain healthy margins by having a lower headcount than their competitors. They will acquire clients through social media, comparison websites, targeted direct marketing and PR.

What are the forecast returns?

This should be regarded as a private equity investment with a view to capital gains as the company grows. The shares are not traded on a public exchange so must be viewed as illiquid and to be held for a minimum of three to five years.

Any special features?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme gives generous tax breaks both up front with 30% offset against income tax (a £100,000 investment would only cost £70,000), freedom from inheritance tax after two years and freedom from capital gains tax after three years. Given the likely increase in CGT this could prove to be a valuable exemption.

Where does it fit in
my portfolio?

Interested?  Please watch our chairman Graham Rowan’s interview with Rebel co-founders Dan Bates and Penelope Hope:

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