Property Connections

Your Opportunity To Joint Venture with Property Developers

Here at The Beaufort Society we work with hundreds of high net worth individuals and family offices to find investments that meet their demanding requirements.

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular asset classes for the wealthy is real estate. The vast majority of our members have a property portfolio of some sort but a significant minority want to take things further by becoming directly involved in property development projects.

Our Property Connections service is designed to fulfil this need for liquid investors with a minimum of £250,000 to deploy. Headed up by our Property Director Paul Kingston this is the way Property Connections works:

  • We work with a handful of carefully selected property developers
  • They understand the profile of our members and bring new projects to us that they believe fit our template
  • Paul then carries out his own due diligence on the project, the planning, the development approach, the proposed exit and the likely returns for a JV partner
  • If Paul gives the project the green light we then bring it into the Property Connections portfolio
  • A small number of pre-qualified members are informed about the project and carry out their own due diligence
  • If it’s a win/win the investment goes ahead and they become a partner in the project

The approach can work in one of two ways – you can be an armchair investor who leaves all the work to the team or you can become actively involved and treat the project as a learning exercise before perhaps embarking on developments of your own. (As ever, we cannot give investment advice so you must bring in any experts you need in order to satisfy yourself that you want to proceed.)

It all starts by becoming a Full Member of the Beaufort Society so click the link below then, when you complete your application, make sure to mention that you would like more information about Property Connections and we will put you in direct contact with Paul Kingston.

Note To Property Developers

If you are a developer looking for investment please Contact Us and we will take a quick look at your project and see if we want to put it through the Property Connections due diligence process.