Midas Man Film Investment

A 20% Uplift and Lifetime Royalties
from this biopic of Beatles manager Brian Epstein

What Is It?

A loan note to fund the production of a much anticipated biopic of the man who discovered the biggest rock and roll band of all time. The director, production and distribution team are in place and actors will be announced imminently. With Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Man showing the appetite for music related film, the 500 million Beatles fans around the world provide a guaranteed audience for the untold story of ‘the Fifth Beatle’.


Who Is Our Investment Partner?

The film is being made by Studio POW in collaboration with the world famous Twickenham Studios which won an Oscar for its work on Bohemian Rhapsody. The early Beatles films were made here, but in a real ‘coals to Newcastle’ story Midas Man will be the first film to be made at Twickenham’s new studio in the iconic Littlewoods building in Epstein’s home town of Liverpool.

What Are The Forecast Returns?

The film is being made on a relatively modest budget of £8 million of which there is £1 million left to raise. Investors get paid ahead of the studio and the actors so even a modest success should assure return of your capital plus the agreed 20% uplift. The really exciting part is the ongoing royalties where you receive 25% of the studio’s income on the film in perpetuity. The studio’s forecasts, which of course are not guaranteed, suggest a return on investment of between 79% and 388% depending on the global success of the film.


Any Special Features?

Once the world opens up again investors will be invited to private screenings and ‘meet the team’ experiences. Substantial investors may be able to appear as executive producers on the film’s credits.

Interested? Please watch our chairman Graham Rowan’s interview with Studio POW Boss Perry Trevers:

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