One of the outcomes of Covid19 has been a greater focus on ESG investing, further reinforced by Boris Johnson’s recent announcement that the government is putting clan energy at the heart of its environmental policy in the coming decade.

We have the opportunity to invest under the EIS scheme in a new clean energy provider with a social as well as a green mission. An exceptional management team and the development of unique robotic technology in the back office combine to make this potential unicorn a timely addition to any portfolio focused on capital growth.

We are investing at a valuation of just £6 million and are raising £1 million of equity with a minimum investment of £50,000. Under the EIS scheme if you hold the shares for 3 years you will pay no capital gains tax, while 30% of your investment can be offset against income tax in this or the previous tax year, effectively enabling a £50,000 investment for a net £35,000.

If you’re targeting capital gains with great tax breaks, this opportunity is worth a close look.

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