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The Beaufort Society is a private members club for sophisticated and high net worth investors around the world. Membership with Beaufort Society is free of charge.

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If you want to receive information about our carefully curated investment portfolio then we need you to self-certify and complete an application form. Our membership team will let you know if your application has been successful and then we can give you access to full information about each opportunity. This includes our newly launched Property Connections service, where for our more liquid members with a minimum of £250,000 to invest we can effect direct introductions to Joint Venture with selected property developers on ‘oven ready’ projects.

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To help our members stay well informed we broadcast daily Money Minute videos and weekly Renegade Investor Academy training sessions on our Youtube channel. Full members also receive our Beaufort Letter in the mail every other month.

Here are some examples of our content:

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