Our Carefully Curated Investment Portfolio

The Beaufort Society team are constantly on the look-out for investment opportunities that support our mission of helping sophisticated and high net worth investors to build long term, multi-generational wealth.

The reality is that very few of the investments that cross our desk are fit for purpose. We reject most of them, especially in the current climate where we put more emphasis on security and risk management than on absolute returns.

We carry out our own due diligence before adding any opportunity to the portfolio, though we also stress that you must do your own research before making an investment decision because we are investors, not financial advisers.

Here is a brief summary of the current portfolio :


Capital AND Income From London Property

Usually property investments aimed at our community offer either equity in an SPV in the hope of capital gains or a coupon on a loan note to provide income during or at the end of the development project.Through our Chairman’s contacts we are able to bring a new investment that combines the two wealth streams in a single opportunity. This experienced and successful developer has a knack for spotting where value can be added to a property, for example in commercial to residential conversion.

Join The 2020 Gold Rush at a 26% Discount

Beaufort Society chairman Graham Rowan refers to the 2020s as The Age of Uncertainty, so one of the drivers for us in building the portfolio is to look for things that offer some degree of certainty.Nothing fits that bill better than the oldest form of money itself, gold bullion. Normally you have no choice but to pay the prevailing ‘spot’ price at the moment you buy, but we have discovered a way to buy direct from the miner, have your gold delivered to the Zurich vaults of a major security company over a 2 year period and receive an ounce of free gold each month for every $100,000 you invest.

Profit From The Compensation Culture!

Since the Access to Justice Act came into force in 1999 the UK has followed the American trend of lawyers chasing No Win, No Fee claims. This has caused a boom in business for them while at the same time putting their cashflow under severe strain.This has led to a new opportunity in Litigation Funding whereby private investors provide capital to enable lawyers to take on more cases in return for paying interest on the funds. We have partnered with a specialist provider of these loans to offer a Litigation Loan Note that is used for small claims in areas like road traffic accidents, housing disrepair and the ‘son of PPI’, Plevin claims for unfair commission charges. The outcome of each case is known before funding and any risk is covered by After The Event Insurance, so that more than 9,000 successful claims and no losses have been processed in the 18 months that the provider has been offering this facility.

Join The Clean Energy Revolution

One of the outcomes of Covid19 has been a greater focus on ESG investing, further reinforced by Boris Johnson’s recent announcement that the government is putting clan energy at the heart of its environmental policy in the coming decade.We have the opportunity to invest under the EIS scheme in a new clean energy provider with a social as well as a green mission. An exceptional management team and the development of unique robotic technology in the back office combine to make this potential unicorn a timely addition to any portfolio focused on capital growth.