Gold Investment

Protect Your Purchasing Power By
Buying gold Bullion At A Discount

What is it?

A way to purchase gold bullion at the then current spot price and have it delivered to your private vault held with a well known security firm in Zurich, Switzerland. The gold is delivered in 24 equal instalments over a two year period and each month you receive bonus gold which effectively provides a 26% discount to the purchase price.  The minimum investment is $25,000.

Who is the partner?

The gold is purchased through PPM gold who own and operate several gold mines in Guinea. With a cost of production below $1000 and the current price above $1800 they are able to offer the bonus gold as an incentive to provide the funds they need to further develop their mines.

What are the forecast returns?

This is not an investment product with any kind of pre-set return, it is the purchase of physical gold bullion over a two year period with the incentive of bonus gold added to your Swiss account each month. The bonus gold effectively provides a margin of safety against any fall in the gold price over the next two years. Gold experts such as Mike Maloney at are predicting substantial further rises in the gold price which has been in a bull market since 2015. However there can be no guarantee of this and the main use of gold in your portfolio should be as a store of value designed to maintain the purchasing power of your money in an era of infinite money printing and fiat currency debasement.   

Any special features?

For every $100,000 invested you receive one ounce of gold per month across the 24 month delivery period. You can invest in pounds, dollars or euros.  

Where does it fit in
my portfolio?

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