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Now that you’ve confirmed that you meet the FCA’s criteria as a Sophisticated or High Net Worth investor we are able to share with you the opportunities in our current investment portfolio.
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Capital Growth Investments

Invest in this fast growing property asset management platform with all the tax benefits of the EIS scheme

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Join the clean energy revolution and help stamp out fuel poverty with this new clean energy company

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Regular Income Investments

Earn up to 12% p.a. paid quarterly with the option to convert to equity in this £109 million fintech superstar

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Profit from lawyers for a change with up to 12% p.a. paid quarterly from this highly secure litigation loan note

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Hybrid Investments

A unique mix of capital growth and income from property in and around the M25 with this London based developer

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A 20% uplift on capital followed by lifetime royalties from the next blockbuster music biopic charting the role of Brian Epstein in the success of The Beatles

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Property Connections

Wwould you like to Joint Venture with one of our carefully selected property developers on a ready-to-go project? Do you have at least £250,000 in liquid funds available? If so please contact our Property Director Paul Kingston for an initial discussion of what you are looking to achieve and whether any of our current JV opportunities could be of interest for you.

Our Financial Education Content

Money Minute Every Weekday on the Graham Rowan Youtube channel

Renegade Investor Academy Every Week on the Graham Rowan Youtube channel

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