The Beaufort Society wants to earn the right to be regarded as one of the most trusted providers of investment information and guidance (but not advice) to its members.

We also create a lot of educational material in the public domain as a means of making potential new members aware of what we do. Chances are that you may have found us through some of our online content:

Money Minute – a 60 second snippet of news, market commentary or useful information on any aspect of wealth creation and wealth protection. Brought to you on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram by our chairman Graham Rowan

Money & Me – an in-depth interview of a leader from the world of finance, business, investing or politics where Graham Rowan picks their brains about how they have been successful in life and what lessons we can learn to guide our own journey of wealth creation and wealth protection. Broadcast on the Money & Me Youtube channel.

The Beaufort Broadcast – a monthly webinar in which Graham Rowan shares information distilled from a wide range of sources to ensure that Beaufort Society members are kept up to date with any and all developments likely to have an impact on their investment approach.

The Beaufort Letter – a quarterly physical newsletter combining a lead article by Graham Rowan with updates on our investment portfolio and case studies of work going on in our property division.

The Beaufort Academy – a mix of online and live events (when we are allowed to resume them!) addressing all aspects of wealth creation and wealth protection. Our own team and our global cohort of specialists contribute to these unique opportunities to invest in yourself, the most important investment you will ever make.