Brickowner Investment

The Fintech Platform That’s
Transforming Property Investment

What is it?

An investment platform that streamlines the investment process for sophisticated and high net worth investors and for asset managers looking for funding. By automating processes previously requiring lawyers the end to end experience is faster, cheaper and more secure. With a 3 year track record over £14 million already raised on the platform, February 2021 sees the launch of their unique secondary market by which Brickowner now provides potential early liquidity for investors when their circumstances change. The minimum investment is £35,000.

Who is the investment partner?

Brickowner is a privately held company founded by Frederick, Marquess of Bristol. He has pulled together a strong operational team which has recently been enhanced with the addition of compliance and investor relations specialists. They have just announced their first transaction with a multi billion pound asset manager and have several other such partnership discussions in progress. Beaufort chairman Graham Rowan has worked with the platform on multiple projects over a three year period, raising over five million pounds in that time.

What are the forecast returns?

This should be regarded as a private equity investment with a view to capital gains as the company grows. The shares are not traded on a public exchange so must be viewed as illiquid and to be held for a minimum of three to five years.

Any special features?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme gives generous tax breaks both up front with 30% offset against income tax (a £100,000 investment would only cost £70,000), freedom from inheritance tax after two years and freedom from capital gains tax after three years. Given the likely increase in CGT this could prove to be a valuable exemption.

Where does it fit in
my portfolio?

Interested? Please watch our chairman Graham Rowan’s interview with Brickowner founder and CEO Fred Bristol:

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